Take me down video + FULL interview of Taylor Momsen for KERRANG !

BTS Take me down video

BTS Take me down video and official promo pic for "Who you selling for"
First, the music video for Take me down is in the making ! You can see 2 BTS pics above, the second pic being used to promote the album "who you selling for".

You can watch my own video/w lyrics of Take me down while waiting for the official video:

Or the official lyric video with pics by the fans:

Promo pic for the Kerrang issue

Taylor did an interview for the august 2016 issue 1634 of Kerrang, first official talk about their upcoming record "who you selling for", so here's the exclusive interview:

To Hell and back
On the last The Pretty Reckless record, Taylor Momsen was conviced she was Going to Hell, this time around, her soul needs saving from more personal demons...

There's Been a very big Taylor Momsen-shaped hole in the rock world for far too long...but that's about to change ! The Pretty Reckless recently unveiled their third album, Who you selling for, which is due for release on October 21, via Razor&Tie. And with the first single, Take me Down, already whetting appetites, we decided it was time to catch up with Taylor at her New York city home to talk new music, depression, anxiety, and selling your soul to the Devil in the name of rok'n'roll...

Hi Taylor ! First, can you explain the title Who you Selling For ?
Taylor Momsen (Vocals/Guitar): "Well, it's a song off the record, and it's thought-provoking, I wanted to have this record make people think a little bit broader than just an obvious statement. By putting the question out there, it creates a diversity that will allow the listener to better understand the record."

So what does the title mean to you ?
"It means something different to me everyday (laughs). It questions, "What am I doing with my life ?" "What is the world doing ?" and, "What is going on ?" So it means something different to me everytime I look at it. That song really just describes the record."

Is "What are you doing with your life?" Something you question often ?
"On a minute-ly basis (laughs)."

The Cover art is pretty creepy..Where did that come from ?
"It's a very direct representation of how i feel at the moment. I wanted it to be artistic and emote how I'm feeling at this junction in my life. An artist came to me with this image, and it was just perfect ! The artist is a close friend who wants to remain anonymous, but they had heard the record and worked based off of the music to create that image."

What are you feeling in your life right now, then ?
"Confusion, depression and anxiety, just like everybody else. I'm sure that's how most people feel most of the time. Music's my coping device - it's where I'm allowed to express all those bottled-up emotions that you're technically supposed to hide from the world; it's my salvation. It's my outlet. And when I'm not making music I start to lose my mind, and I start to lose my identity, and that's a very hard thing that i struggle with."

Has your depression improved while working on the album ?
"I wouldn't say it improved (laughs), but i just keep getting older, so I think it keeps changing. It doesn't necessarily get better, it just kinda morphs into a different form every day. [Anxiety and depression is] something that I've had my whole life - I'm a very anxious person, but as I get older it just kinda changes and morphs into different forms, and comes out in my art. Writing is the greatest gift you could be given as far as I'm concerned, because it really allows for an outlet to keep yourself sane."

Speaking about songwriting - what's Take me down about ?
"It's a classic rock'n'roll tune, which was inspired by the Robert Johnson story of going to the crossroads and selling his soul for rock'n'roll - which i kind of did in one way (laughs). I gave my life to the music; I gave everything else up for it. And it's a simple story about giving your life to something you love so much and you need it so bad that you're willing to sell your soul for it."

Are there downsides to selling your soul to rock'n'roll ?
"Of course (laughs) ! Just ask Robert Johnson - I think he was poisoned at 27. So it does take a toll. But at the same time, it's everything. That's the whole point - you have no choice. It is who you are, it is your soul, it is everything. if you don't give everything to it, you're not going to succeed."

Do you ever plan on acting again, or is music your sole focus ?
"I quit acting eight years ago ! I haven't acted since I was 15 years old, and I have no intention of going back to it. I'm not an actress - to me that's my childhood. It's like asking if I'm going back to junior high (laughs). Like, no, I don't plan on going back to junior high..."


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