Take me down

The song "Take me down" is finally here ! Listen to it now:


My thoughts about it, first the meaning, I think Light me up was about life in general, feelings, people, the world, Going to Hell was about how fucked up this life is, how hard feelings are and how we were all going to die.
Now Take me down show us that we are ready to go to hell, to sell our soul to the devil. We want him to take us down. Hell and the Devil being metaphors about Hate, life, how it gets darker, worse, and the personal hell inside your head that you create for yourself, being for Taylor music, as she said plenty of times and in the song, she sold her soul to rock'n'roll and dedicate her life to it. We'll have to see where the other songs takes us.

Musically, it's brilliant, the riff is incredible and the added materials sounds amazing. We want to sing along, it's heavy, it's good, we definitly want to go to hell with the Pretty Reckless.

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  1. Definitely has some deep meanings and some dark undertones I can really relate to Taylor's type of writing because I was raised by a hardcore Pentecostal mother and I was the black sheep of the family there was resentment towards my real father and since he wasn't around that was that was Focus towards me so I've been headed to hell all my life and I finally realized it was their insecurities not the things I did that led me to be ostracized from my family