“Oh my god” by the Pretty Reckless - my review

Hi everyone, as i said on twitter, i had the pleasure to listen to the song "Oh my god" from the upcoming album "Who you selling for" and i am going to do a review of it, and i will probably for each song after.

FIRST OF ALL, I was asked to do a review, talk about the lyrics and the rythm/ style of the song, to give you an idea of the type of songs there is in the album and promote it. If you don't like reviews, nobody asked you to come here, you will be able to listen to it yourself in only A MONTH !


As promised, the song is heavy, one of the heaviest of the record, it starts, just like the song Going to hell, on a guitar solo, which breaks on Taylor's raspy voice screaming "Oh, Oh my God..."

Than you discover the very interesting lyrics that leads the understanding of the song, which is about the singer (Taylor) realizing that after all of this (selling her soul to the devil, doing rock'n'roll...) she is just a dumb human being with flaws, just like everyone else.

Always using controversial quotes, to explain how basic she is, she sings "Oh Oh my god, wish i was black, wish i had soul [..] I am so white, shine like the sun..."

She then goes into more relatable, personal lyrics when she says "Oh Oh my god, wish i could think, wish i could do something smarter than sing, but I'm just a face..."

This song seems also very sarcastic towards all the hate Taylor gets, specially that last quote above, and then for the last verse she goes "Oh Oh my god, wish i was dead..."

Musically the rythm stays the same during the whole song which is 3:25 minutes.

You can learn more and listen to it yourself by ordering the new album "Who you selling for" in pre-order TOMORROW (september 9th) and listen to it fully on the official release date which is on october 21st !

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