New interviews + photoshoots

This post is an update of all the recent interviews and photoshoot:

1. Cosmopolitan.com

Taylor did an interview and photoshoot for cosmo, read the interview HERE

2. Kerrang october 19th

The Pretty Reckless did a photoshoot and an interview for Kerrang, read th interview below:

Kerrang october 26th:

They did an other photoshoot and interview for Kerrang, i unfortunetly don't have a better quality than this for the interview:

4. Nylon magazine

Taylor did an interview for Nylon magazine, read below:


  1. Thanks for posting these! But yeah, that second Kerrang article is pretty unreadable. I'm loving the videos you've done so far, and please let us know if you catch Taylor "secretly announcing" what that Latin in the middle of the CD case is about!

    1. Yes i hope to find a better quality ^^
      Thank you :)
      And yes of course i will post it as soon as i know !

    2. I figured out what the text in the middle of the Who You Selling For CD case is about, so I thought I'd follow up and let you know. Stop reading now if you don't want to be spoiled. :) I got a hint when I heard the SiriusXM interview, and they admitted that Take Me Down was somewhat inspired by Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson was a blues musician from the 1930s, considered one of the greatest, and he died at the age of 27 in uncertain circumstances. There's a legend that he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for being able to play, and that's how he got so good (and why he died so soon). In the process of looking him up, I got to the "Deal with the Devil" page on Wikipedia, and what do you know, it shows something resembling the inside of the CD cover right there near the top! It's the agreement with the devil signed by Christoph Haizmann, who was a 17th century painter. Sigmund Freud analyzed his writings later in the 1920s, so they have gotten a lot of attention. Basically, the upshot is, the inside of the CD cover is a pact with the devil! TPR sure is good at hiding stuff like this! Also, I hope Taylor makes it past 27!